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Smile for Peace


IFMSA Panamá

General Description

Dynamics were carried out with the children focused on recognizing the elements that contribute to our peace (relationships with our neighbors, animals, nature, health, values, etc), painted with them a mural where they translate all that means For them, peace, considering also what was learned that day, was attended by about 50 children, who were very happy for the activity, just as the people of the community were satisfied to be taken into account, and ready to spread our Message of peace At the end of the activity the children were given baskets and transportation was provided to their respective homes.

Area of Activity

Chidren Health and Rights, Peace and Peacebuilding


To have a positive impact on those attending the peace activity.
Rescue the importance of the International Day of Peace.
Sow the seed of peace in the minds of the children of the community of Mañanitas.

Time frame of the Activity

Sep 21, 2016


Municipality of Mañanitas


Not specified.


Not enrolled in any IFMSA Program.


Danilo Morales (NORP): [email protected]

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