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Alles Kids


IFMSA-NL The Netherlands

General Description

with this project they organize fun days for (mostly) kids in refugee camps. This can vary from ‘simple’ days with typical Dutch games or sportgames, to a dance workshop, an art day or anything else that can be fun.
The aim of the project is to create some kind of a distraction for the children in the refugee camps from the often daily boredom or stress the kids can have.
They are thinking about changing the project in a bit more ‘medical’ program. As there are several other organizations that organize play days for the children, this IFMSA project doesn’t have much added value. They are thinking about how can to add value and impact for the children, and as medical students, they can organize fun project for the children (and/or the grown-ups) that have a medical value as well. For example: Teddy Bear Hospital in the refugee camps, or basic first aid lessons.

Area of Activity

Migrants’ Health and Rights, Children Health and Rights


The aim of this project is to intervene and help refugees who are kids.

Time frame of the Activity

Not stated.


Not stated.


Not mentioned.


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Mehri Samim – [email protected]

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