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Anti-Corruption Campaign


LiMSA Lithuania

General Description

There is a serious problem with corruption in hospitals and other health institutions in Lithuania. This problem is caused by poor doctors’ working conditions, low wages, a huge information asymmetry between the patient and the doctor, poor governance of health institutions, E-system downtime, etc. Thet wrote anti-corruption resolution and 71 health institution joined their campaign. We also had a discussion with Lithuanian Minister of Health, presidents of LiMSA and JGA (Young Physicians Association), Lithuania patients’ organizations council and other important people. This year they are going to create a huge information dissemination campaign, which will take the whole country. They need to bring together a coalition of youth organizations, patient organizations, transparent medical institutions, well-known doctors, journalists and others. Such a coalition could broadcast their ready-made message, which promotes refuse corruption through a positive message.

Area of Activity

Rights of Healthcare Professionals


  • To take part on advocating for no corruption in the medical field

Time frame of the Activity

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Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Eglė Vaičiulytė –, norp@lims

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