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Bioethics Debates Club


FASMR Romania

General Description

at this moment, the project is in progress in 5 medical universities in Romania. Implementation in other medical universities is also an objective, since the interest on discussing bioethical dilemmas is increasing, and the process itself is not complicated, because it would also receive support from other local project coordinators.

The classic way of starting a debate session is by watching a movie which exposes a bioethical dilemma. The discussion develops on its example, but also targets deeper meanings and alternative points of view.

Other types of art may be helpful in the process of giving an example or exposing the dilemma in other ways, such as literature, photography, music.

The project encourages new ways of exposing the bioethical dilemmas and some other types of sessions may take place as:

  • Conferences
  • Workshops (example: for improving debate skills)
  • Mixed debates (with participation of law or philosophy students)

EVALUATION OF ACTIVITIES: feedback is a key element – it gives a retrospective view over a debate, but also a prospective idea about the expectations regarding the upcoming debate.

Area of Activity

Medical Ethics



  • increasing awareness towards bioethical dilemmas
  • improving debate skills
  • promoting art, mostly cinematographic, which helps exposing the dilemma


  • identifying the bioethical dilemmas which are more likely to be discussed, according to local and temporal factors
  • reaching some of the classic bioethical dilemmas, and mention the updates which had been made on both sides of the general debate
  • finding new artistic ways to express an ethical dilemma and start a discussion over it
  • expanding the discussion with the help of specialists in medicine, law, philosophy or creating debates with law/ philosophy students

Time frame of the Activity

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Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Cristian Andra – [email protected]

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