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Brain Awareness Week


MMSA Macedonia

General Description

Sadly but true, there are more and more suicides in the age of 16- 20. In my opinion, that is happening because that is the age when you are going into majority, in a whole new different world, and it seems hard to hand your life, because that is a big life change. That is why we chose the subject- Depression. 

Area of Activity

Mental Health


To educate the teenagers in high schools that are graduating this year, to show them a bigger picture about depression, how to recognize it in their friends and them selves, and how to help a person that is showing some signs.

Time frame of the Activity

Not stated.


We have one psychiatrist to educate us more about this subject.


Not mentioned.


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Simona Nikolovska – [email protected]

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