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Cycling for Peace-Bike Tour



General Description

How is it carried out?
Basically, the project involves identifying an area that had conflict and has resolved or is resolving and cycling to the place as a health students team while holding workshops along the way and at the destination . During the ride, the team raises awareness on the importance of peace and also learn in the workshops. At the final destination, they are to meet the locals amd semsitize them on the importance of maintaining peace. This is done through workshops amd media briefings. Evaluation is based on workshop attendance, media coverage and political presence
– Our recent bike tour in Astana, Kazakhstan, we were guests of the President and presented our statements and Declaration for Peace. Being backed by local people, the president has laid down measures in our statement.
– We are currently planning to commemorate the Westgate Mall Terrorist Attack in Kenya in September.

Area of Activity

Human Rights, Disaster Medicine, Peace and Peacebuilding


Aims and objectives
-To reconcile/foster peace in previously conflict areas
– To involve health students in social responsibility in the field of peace and human rights
– To foster cycling culture and have fun while doing it
-To increase bonding team building among SCORP members

Time frame of the Activity

Not stated.


-SCORP, IPPNW, Ministry of Health, Local Governments.


Not mentioned.


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Kelvin Kibet – [email protected]

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