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Catalonia – Spain (AECS)

General Description

This project aims to create a platform of medical students that watch over students’ Mental Health and work for the prevention of  Mental Health disorders and the end of stigma related to them.

Area of Activity

Mental Health


  1.        To develop students’ knowledge on Mental Health through self¬-knowledge, critical thinking, community work and teambuilding among others.
    2.        To give the students the tools to deal with stress and anxiety during specific sessions.
    3.        To provide the students with an easier access to professionals who can help them when having any problem related to Mental Health.
    4.        To advocacy for the creation of a programme within the Universities that ensures that people with Mental Health issues receive a better attendance, making the access of Mental Health services easier for medical students.
    5.        To give to medical students a space in social media to speak out their minds and talk about their problems without being afraid of judgement.
    Faigmedicina is divided in three main pilars: Capacity Building, Advocacy and Social Media.

Time frame of the Activity

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Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Judit Giró and Maria Sala [email protected]

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