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Frozen against Homophobia



General Description

AFTERNOON: 2 options:

1. SOCIAL EXPERIMENT: In some public place where the assistants are distributed in pairs and people are introduced presenting a member of the pairs formed, will be presented highlighting their different qualities, when finished presenting Asks the intervened person who thinks about the qualities mentioned, after the answer is made a question saying: then, why do people change their mind when they find out that he is homosexual? After this an explanation is made of the campaign and the day for which we are doing this.

2. FROZEN AGAINST HOMOPHOBIA: It consists of going to a crowded public place in the same way and distributing to the audience posters with phrases, figures, anecdotes, facts, testimonies that have to do with victims of homophobia. Suddenly sharing a member will give a signal (frozen) before which others should freeze showing their posters to attract the attention of the population.

Area of Activity

Sexuality and Gender Identity


Sensitize the population about non-discrimination against different sexual orientation.

Time frame of the Activity

1 day


LGBT Community.


Not mentioned.


Not enrolled in any IFMSA Program.


Elmer Morillo – [email protected]

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