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Get involved in the Refugee Asylum


FASMR Romania

General Description

We plan to organize weekly visits over two months at the refugee center in Bucharest. During those visits, we will have conversations about vaccination, nutrition, hygiene, sexual and reproductive health. For children we arrange painting and/or drawing sessions and interactive games. One of the visits will include a film projection and at the end of the project we will organize a trip in the city.

Evaluation of activities:

Through these conversations we hope to help the displaced people from our local refugee center obtain the necessary knowledge in order to sustain themselves and adapt more easily to the city of asylum. At the same time, we hope that the time spent with them will raise their spirits and make them feel more comfortable and safe in the country of asylum, especially the children.  At the end of our visits we hope to have encouraged the social integration of the asylum seekers. Also we aim to reduce their discrimination through promoting of our activity.  

Area of Activity

Migrants’ Health and Rights



Through our project, we aim to help refugees from Romania adjust to the country of asylum and integrate in its society.


-helping refugees in gaining knowledge of Romanian language and culture, the medical system, the city of shelter
-psychic elevation and improvement of health among the asylum seekers in refugee centers
-reducing discrimination of refugees
-supporting multiculturalism

Time frame of the Activity

Not mentioned.


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Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Cristian Andra – [email protected]

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