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GoSCORP Romania


FASMR Romania

General Description


GoSCORP Project comprises a large variety of interdisciplinary volunteering activities in connection with medical experiences that will encourage its participants to reach and overcome their limits regarding empathy, tolerance, medical skills, communication and team work abilities, loyalty and devotion. This project is the perfect opportunity to meet other students from around the world, belonging to a great cultural diversity, that have similar mentalities and are driven by the same ideals, while enabling them to work together and thus making this world a little better. GoSCORP’s main purpose is to promote, through its activities, collegiality and friendship, responsibility and ¬†professionalism, the importance of volunteering and the willingness to help the people in need, in an open and familiar environment.

Area of Activity

Human Rights



– involving the participants in a large variety of volunteer projects and promoting as many humanitarian causes as possible

Рallowing medical students from all over the world to come together and share their passion for helping others and learn more about human rights, inequality and humanitarian work, while discovering new places and cultures forging friendships, developing both as medical students and human beings and exchanging  experiences and ideas with other participants

– introducing the participants to the customs and cultural values of the hosting NMO.

Time frame of the Activity

Not mentioned.



Hosting Institutions.


Not mentioned.


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Cristian Andra –¬†[email protected]

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