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FASMR Romania

General Description


At this moment, the project is in progress in One to One Nursing Home Romania. One to One Nursing Home now provides the proper solution when 24/7 care is required. Medical students participate to this project, twice a month. The first part of the meeting is about anamnesis; the students go to the rooms with their observation file and take their medical history. After the anamnesis, we all gather in a room and we are discussing certain topics, issues, like medicine in Romania, films, music, art. Also, we can play games with them, such as chess, cards.

The first meeting was about knowing each other, creating a connection. We talked about medicine, why medical students prefer to study abroad. The other meeting was close to Christmas and we decorated the trees, painted globes and sang carols. Every meeting is special because we have new volunteers who are very excited and extremely interested in making a connection with those wonderful seniors, who need our help. We offered sowdrops to every woman on the 1st of March and our volunteers learnt how to knit.


Feedback is a key element – it gives a retrospective view over a meeting, but also a prospective idea about the expectations regarding the upcoming event. We ask them about the communication with the project coordinator, their opinion about the activities and what would they like to change. I also try to involve all the seniors and listen to their expectations of this project, such as subjects they want to talk about.

Area of Activity

Elderly Abuse and Abandonment



  • increasing awareness towards the conflict between the old and the young generations
  • improving the ability of young students to understand people in need for medical care
  • trying to reunite the old and the new generations


  • medical students connecting with the seniors and making them feel important again.
  • trying to bring happiness and joy to their lives, by listening to their story, playing different games with them, telling them about how the student life is nowadays.
  • showing them that the old people are wiser and we expect to learn a lot of things from them.
  • medical studens learn how to comunicate with an older man, how to take medical history of a pacient and they have the chance to see a wide range of diseases.

Time frame of the Activity

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Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Cristian Andra – [email protected]

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