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IFMSA Quebec

General Description

 INCommunity is a summer internship program (4 weeks long) with local vulnerable populations. Medical students visit multiple organisms that give help to a specific population (either Aboriginal, Offenders, Migrants, Women or Urban) and follow doctors, nurses, social workers, midwifes, volunteers and many more people to get to know the problems encountered by this population and possible ways to help them. The program has been held since five years now and has been very appreciated by students, organisms and even the Faculty of Medicine. The Université de Montréal has introduced an adaptation of INCommunity as a week-long mandatory internship during clerkship for all students. We would like to present it to other NMOs because we believe this program is very easily transferable to other cities and could be adapted to the most needy populations of this new hosting city.

Area of Activity

Human Rights, Indigenous Health, Migrants’ Health and Rights, Gender Equity


Raising awareness, Capacity building for medical students (increasing knowledge/skills)

Time frame of the Activity

Not stated.


Not mentioned.


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Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Sara Dionne – [email protected]

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