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International Days


Catalonia – Spain (AECS)

General Description

They celebrate the WHRD, the International Day against Violence against Women and the International Day for Mental Health in all the local committees; and this year they plan to add the International Refugees Day to this list. Some faculties also celebrate other international days (such as the International Peace Day, the International Day for persons with disabilities, etc.). Their aim is to raise awareness and knowledge among health sciences’ students and general population, through different activities and workshops that address the topic of the day. These may include: Social media campaigns, Art exposition related to the topic, Conferences and workshops opened to the general public, delivered both by the Human Rights trainers of AECS and by external speakers (Medicos Mundi, International Amnesty, etc.), Intercultural breakfast, an event including different awareness activities and workshops, Cineforums, etc.

Area of Activity

Human Rights


To create awareness on the respective subjects by celebrating the days decicated to them, by a variety of methıds

Time frame of the Activity

Not mentioned.


Medicos Mundi

Amnesty International


Not mentioned.


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Judit Giró and Maria Sala [email protected]

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