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WHRD – Bed, Bath, Bread


BeMSA Belgium

General Description

Small project for refugees, students and people that are passing by, where they made people think about what they think Humane Care of refugees should be like, on top of Bad, Bath and Bread. They wanted to do this in an original way so they made people draw it instead of just write it down. Before the project, they made posters to promote the activity itself, but also as an awareness campaign. The posters had drawings on them, that were also made by refugees

Area of Activity

Migrants’ Health and Rights


-Encourage people into a creative thinking process on humaine needs of refugess

Time frame of the Activity

Not mentioned.


Belgian Human Rights League + with a school of arts in Ghent (they made and printed the posters for us) + a local refugee centre


Not mentioned.


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Basiel Weyers [email protected]

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