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World Human Rights Day


MMSA Macedonia

General Description

World Human Rights Day- Because this day was in our exam season we couldn’t do much, but I was watching some youtube videos where there were some people asking other people- Can you tell me some of your rights? That video’s aim was to show that people don’t know their rights. That is why I printed nicely decorated notes, on every note there was one human right written, and I gave them in one coffee bar on our faculty, to give one note with every coffee on 10th of Decembar. We also had one charity campaign, in which the students on our faculty were donating clothes. In Macedonia we had submersion in august this year, and a lot of families were without homes. We gave them the clothes, and some medical stuff.

Area of Activity

Human Rights


To educate and raise awareness on human rights.

Time frame of the Activity

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Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Simona Nikolovska – [email protected]

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