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Dr. Claus


CroMSIC Croatia

General Description

A nationwide action in all local comittees; it includes collecting toys on several locations, and distributing them to children in appropriate hospitals, pediatric wards and special homes, all to mark the spirit of giving for Christmas. Dr. Claus would unite the spirit of medicine and Christmas under the same, recognizable moniker.

Area of Activity

Children Health and Rights



– toy donation collection – indicator -> number of usable toys
– raising awareness to children in need of care -> indicator -> media reports

It is raising awareness through a noble campaign, all the while motivating children for a speedier recovery, relieving them of stress and anxiety related to their potential condition, relieving parents of excess worry, and restructuring the image of the doctor in the eyes of children as an even more caring figure.
Nationwide, it can start a trend in children rights protection, and open the doors for more fruitful actions aimed at cherishing and protecting children rights.

Time frame of the Activity

04/12/2017 – 26/12/2017


No partners.


Not mentioned.


Children Health and Rights – [email protected]


Eliša Papić – [email protected]

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