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General Description


Euthanasia is defined as the practice of ending a life prematurely in order to end pain and suffering. The process is also sometimes called Mercy Killing. Euthanasia can fall into several categories. Voluntary Euthanasia is carried out with the permission of the person whose life is taken. Involuntary euthanasia is carried out without permission, such as in the case of a criminal execution. The moral and social questions surrounding these practices are the most active fields of research in Bio-ethics today.

Area of Activity

Medical Ethics


  1. To have a clear understanding of concept of Euthanasia.
  2. To analyze the prevalence, patterns and trend of the people where Euthanasia prevails.
  3. To conduct a comparative study of countries where Euthanasia is prevalent and legalized, to those where it is considered as a crime.
  4. To analyze the arguments for and against euthanasia.
  5. With the help of primary and secondary data to understand and analyze whether Euthanasia should be legalized or not.
  6. To serve as a base for conducting further detailed studies pertaining to the legal effectiveness and the need for legislation in our country.
  7. To study and evaluate the possibility of its implementation as a law in Pakistan society.
  8. To analyze and evaluate the judicial trend regarding matters of euthanasia.
  9. To draw inferences on the subject on the basis of the study material available and data analyzed.
  10. To suggest recommendations on this subject.

Time frame of the Activity

2 weeks


Other NMOs


Not mentioned.


Not enrolled in any IFMSA Program.


Maha Rehman – [email protected][email protected]

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