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Awareness campaign on child and bonded labor



General Description:

The standing committee on Human Rights and Peace of IFMSA KEMU-LC organized an awareness campaign related to child and bonded labor on during 15-22 April in honor of Iqbal Masih, the late child laborer and activist who helped free 3000 children and was shot dead on 16th of April at a mere age of 11. As part of the campaign, a team of medical students from KEMU went to Crescent Model Secondary School for Girls to spread awareness about child labor. The target audience was students of 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade.The founding president of Pehchaan NGO, Dr. Naeem Zafar was invited to speak on the event and inform the audience about the impact of labor on children as well as the noble work of his NGO. A presentation was given by the MBBS students of 3rd and 4th year about causes, statistics, effects and solutions to combat child labor. question answer sessions was conducted in which the students asked many questions. The audience was an attentive and sensitive one. The event was concluded by presenting shields to Dr. Naeem Zafar, as well as the coordinator of the school.


• To inform target audience about Iqbal Masih and his work against child labor

• To inform about the causes, statistics and possible solutions to combat child labor

• To inform about the psychological and physical impact of child labor on the victim

• To inform the target audience about the work the government is doing

• To inform the audience about the work of the NGO involved

• To inform the audience to contact the said NGO and government representative in case of any required assistance to victims of child and bonded labor


Time Frame:


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Tehreem Khalid Ramay

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