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International Women’s Day Video – What do Medical Students think?


IFMSA – Perú

General Description

It is a 5 minute video were 45 medical students were filmed to answer a single question: What is the women’s role in society? (Not all the participants are featured in the video because we selected the best answers) This brought a lot of confusion and uneasiness in our participants because most of them had not ever thought on that question so the answers came in a very natural, unrehearsed way so that is the beauty of this activity. It will provide women empowerment, advocacy and awareness about this topic.

Area of Activity

Gender Equity


* Create awareness on the importance of women’s role in society
* Develop critical analysis in medical students by evaluating the social system around them
* Personal and social support
* Empowerment of women
* Acknowledging women’s position and challenges in society
* Its success will be measured by the number of views and the calling of more participants to be part of other videos
* It is going to take part in the Peruvian celebration of International Women’s day

Time frame of the Activity



I have the support of IFMSA – Perú and IFMSA – UPCH, the latter being my local association. It is them who provided me with the money for the making of the video and for the materials used in it.


Mentioned above


Gender Based Violence


Gabriela De Jesus Cipriano Flores

[email protected]

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