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Orphanage Health Day


General Description:

Lebanon suffers from an outgrowth in his orphan’s population as well as their institutionalization. Around 23,000 children have been placed in the care of orphanages in Lebanon, the majority of whom are disadvantaged and aren’t properly engulfed with the attentive care they requisite in terms of education to thrive properly. Depending on the latter, we as intended public health leaders decided to endorse such a noble cause by targeting the lacking suffered by orphans when it comes to general knowledge about health. From there, “orphanage health day” idea was born and was proven to be a true one of a kind national activity, mutually benefiting 650 eager orphans as well as 85 dedicated SCOPHian. The event was set for 4 hours and devised into two main branches: one concentrating on awareness and the other on screenings. The ages addressed were from 4 till 18 years and the topics as well as the medical approach were set according to these ages and to the modern issues and life hazards they are exposed to on a daily basis. The screening tests were provided for the older ages and it covered BMI calculations, chest auscultation and pressure measurement and random blood glucose check-up. The volunteers interacted and fell in love with those beautiful souls and got to be introduced in a short amount of time to the hardships they conquer every day and were captivated by their wits, courage and humor. The template of the event was in the form of rotation tables, each depicting a topic where each group of orphans would circulate and acquire the intended knowledge. All the subjects were presented in fun entertaining games following prepared survival kits, ppts and visualized tangible materials. it was a true eye opening experience that held huge impact and paved the way for future similar activities.


the intended objectives comprised in its core disease prevention, health promotion and education and raising awareness about public health issues.The latter lies in direct and perfect alignment with those of SCOPH:
-Enhance an orphan’s quality of life on every tackled level, physically, mentally and psychologically
-Settle the concept of early prevention in the youth
-Teach the maneuvers of simple home screening tests
-Enhance the feeling of orphan’s involvement in the course of the community when it comes to knowledge and access to services
-embrace the psychological disturbances of an orphan
-Create a plate-form of interaction between medical students and orphans and raise empathy in our future public health leader
The indicators of success are:
•Quantitative indicators: The numbers tackled in our event was huge (650 orphans, 250 female teens and 400 children). It helped in measuring impact more efficiently and spreading more media coverage, public interest
•Qualitative indicators:The live feedback from the institution’s director, orphanage’s tutors, orphans and volunteers validated a great qualitative success:
•All the children also learned about all the types of facial pimples, how to prepare a home face mask, properly cleanse, wash-up and dental hygiene
•All children understood the food plate guide by the WHO and learned about healthy optional snacks and now know how to define, identify the symptoms and risk factors for diabetes and CVD
•All children learned about the 3 types of eating disorders, visualized the effects of smoking on the body and the reversibility of side effects when quitting
. All learned rapid and efficient techniques to cope with stress.

Time Frame

22 March 2017-

Partners and Funding:

we collaborated directly with the orphanage directly.
Financially, a previous pre-screening fundraising event funded the event and the sponsors to attain the screening tools (500$ spent on logistics: glucometers, pricks, printouts, materials…)
the event was covered be media live during the event through live interviews and filming and another through a televised interview after a few days to discuss the event, its impact and course by 2 members of the organizing committee. (NBN national TV and Iman TV)
we also received full recognition by the orphanage itself as part of its news on the official page. (


Ghaidaa El Saddik

[email protected]

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