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Symposium on women rights



General Description

The symposium is a medium for achieving integration, mutual communication and knowledge distribution on the common topic by the students of different professions with the aim of increasing the linkage, information and cooperation of young people on current topics. The goal is raising awareness of the position of women and their role in today’s society. From the medical point of view, the most common tumors that are likely to develop in a female body will be discussed along with the explanation of how to detect them on time. Furthermore, the eating disorders that we are increasingly encountering today and female progress in science, where they are facing an everyday struggle to gain recognition in their field of work. From the legal side, we will face the problem of violence, rape, and gender inequality in different aspects of life. The social side will bring us closer to women in different parts of the world. We will also monitor the female influence in arts, music, literature, science etc.


The objective is integration of the entire knowledge on this topic as seen from different professional areas, increasing our knowledge and building attitudes on the given argument. Through the symposium itself, we encourage students to think about the position of women in society in order to motivate them to continue going in the direction of gender equality in the future. Success indicators include attendance of the event, interest of students of different professions for the role of lecturers in order to spread knowledge to their colleagues and their desire to explore the current social problems.

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