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Teddy Bear Hospital



General Description:

Our main goal is organizing workshops for children aged 3-7 in order to help them lose fear towards doctors and hospital environment using simple role-play where a child brings his ill toy to see a teddy doctor – student. Using adjusted approaches, our plan is to continue working with the special needs children and their educators, in order to relieve stress caused by visiting a doctor.


Throughout the college year:

• Engage in our activities at least 50 new and 100 active students,

• carry out 1 workshop per week or min. 25 workshops per year, each of them including on average 60 children. Furthermore, have at least 5 workshops with special needs children. In October:

• carry out presentation including professional lecturers, engaged in children related activities (education, healthcare) – a questionnaire will be handed out at the end of the event.

• The previously mentioned event will be followed by collecting data and possible improvement suggestions from people, taking part in any project related activity. The data will be compared with the data from 2016, the improvement seen will be the indicator of achieving our goals.

Time Frame


Partners and Funding:

With SloMSIC Ljubljana, carrying out bigger workshops around Slovenia, sharing people, transport and transport expenses. We are SloMSIC Maribor


Danaja Gnilšek

[email protected]


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