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International Day of Tolerance Celebration

World Tolerance Day

“Inner compassion and outer tolerance can easily make a new world, a better world” Sri ChinmoyOn the International Day of Tolerance, we are celebrating forgiveness, compassion and nonviolence. These values are so much important and priceless in spreading universal peace around the whole world to make it a better and safer place to live in.It’s our duty as medical students and IFMSA members to spread the word about tolerance everywhere. From this aspect, we’d like to share with you this video made by different medical students from different universities all over Egypt to say: Be tolerant and forgiving without violence.Have a look!

Publiée par IFMSA- Egypt sur Jeudi 16 novembre 2017



General Description

It is a video of collected pictures from different LCs to call for tolerance, forgiveness,acceptance and nonviolence. It was our way to celebrate this international day.

Area of Activity

Peace and Peacebuilding


Spread the word about Tolerance and Nonviolence through the social media. Encourage LCs to work on different topics other than the usual and routine ones.

Time frame of the Activity

We began collecting pictures and photos from 20th of Oct till the 5th of Nov and then started working on video editing. The video was released on the 16th of Nov.



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