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Addressing the Homelessness Crisis

AMSI Ireland


The issue of homelessness spans across different countries and has existed for a long time. In Ireland, we are facing this crisis at a heightened level in some of our major cities, with not enough housing being put in place to address the issue. We hope to work together with NGOs that are single-handedly helping the homeless, try to understand how they are coping and whether or not they have adequate access to food, clothing and healthcare.


1. Connect with local shelters to scope out areas where we can be of help

2. Connect with the homeless community and gauge their opinions and feelings about the situation

3. Conduct a survey to see if they have access to healthcare and if it is adequate

4. Engage medical students to connect with the shelters and the homeless community to understand the impact of homelessness

Time span:

November 2017 to March 2018


IFMSA Program:


Simi George – [email protected]

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