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#DifferentlyAble Disabilities Awareness Campaign

AMSAHK (Hong Kong)

#DifferentlyAble Disabilities Awareness Week is a campaign organised by AMSAHK SCORP, aiming to educate medical students and the public about the problems that people with disabilities face and to promote social inclusion and acceptance of this vulnerable population. With the goal to end the shame, the stigma and the silence, we have split our campaign into 2 parts: social media and simulation. The first part of our campaign comprised of a social experiment video and a series of infographics to educate medical students about how they can approach with people with different types of disabilities in order to encourage social acceptance and inclusion. Our social media advocacy was complemented by the “Disabilities Experience Day” at the end of the week to allow participants to experience life as a wheelchair user. This event served as a microcosm for the challenges of accessibility that those with disabilities encounter and allowed us to generate a report for our district councillor. This was followed by a sharing session by Dr. Jennifer Lui who despite being wheelchair-bound has become a very accomplished doctor, therefore truly exemplifying our campaign of being #DifferentlyAble.


-To educate medical students about the rights of the disabled people in Hong Kong and to point out the problems in the current government system.

– To teach medical students how to approach people with different disabilities ie. mental, speech, physical and eye.

– To provide an opportunity for medical students to experience a day on a wheelchair.

– To reflect to our government regarding the situation with the disabled by submitting our findings from the wheelchair experience day in the form of a report.

Time Frame

29/10/2017 – 11/11/2017


Michelle Vangi Wong- [email protected]


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