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WHRD – Achievements of Oman in this field

MedSCO Oman

SCORP and for the first time ever has conducted an off-campus raising awareness event. The event was about Oman’s Achievements in the field of human rights. The subject was a bit tricky to discuss and tackle since “ human rights” subject is not allowed to be discussed in public due to controversy. However, the event went great and it was successful, students talked about Oman’s achievements in protecting the rights of children, women and elderly. There also was a small kids corner where they colored papers and where the students drew on their faces.


– To bring attention of the community of the achievements of Oman in the field of Human Rights for children, women and the elderly

– To remind the public that the country is actually taking part in humanitarian action

– Encourage the public (especially the young generation) to contribute in the spread of the access to education, health facilities, security etc.


100 OMR from our college’s Student Council


December 12, 2017.


Fatema Ali- [email protected]

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