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Friend for a smile



Every years in December, IFMSA-Serbia and it’s SCORP committee organize an activity called Friend for a smile. We collect sweets, nibbles, toys, school equipment and clothes for children who need them the most. After a week of collection, where all of our volunteers gather and join forces to collect as many sweets as possible, we conclude our effort with Sweet Party. Sweet party is a party for all who want to contribute more, with one special requirement – if you want to enter, you have to bring more sweets. 🙂 In the end, active members of IFMSA-Serbia have made equal New Year’s present which were divided among the youngest. In December 2017, our SCORPions have made over six hundred New Year’s presents. We jointly decided to gladden the children without parental care, children with special needs, and children who live in the region of Kosovo and Metohija.


We decided to perform this activity because this is a special occasion and opportunity for every SCORP member to realize how import SCORP work is and how we can contribute a lot if we want to make a small effort. Since this is a national activity, it’s was a pleasure to see all of highly motivated SCORPions take action! In the end it’s small things that makes us happy!



Yes, every year we work together with other interested organizations in order to achieve our goal. This year we worked with the Faculty of Farmacology, University of Belgrade, Bcell, Student’s Parliament, Center for Scientific Research work for students, Journal „Medicinar“ etc.


18.12.2017. – 22.12.2017.

Relevant Links:

Those are 2 links from the newspaper and medical journal Medicinar. I also have a lot of pictures to send/share with you if you want to. 🙂


Ksenija Aleksic- [email protected]

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