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Dean Athru: Ageing in Ireland

NMO: AMSI Ireland

We want to help the aging community integrate better into society and address their needs. The target audience of this project will be Irish citizens aged 65+, as well as concerned NGOs.


To consult older people on what we should be working on about the topic
To allow older people to become more involved in their care.
To enable older people to see how they may be able to keep themselves healthier at home
To provide a platform for communication between healthcare students and older people outside of the healthcare setting
To enable younger people to gain an insight into the fears and expectations of older people from a Bio/Psycho/Social standpoint
To allow healthcare professionals to have a partnership with older people outside of the professional-patient relationship
To foster community, government, and private sector partnerships to support the needs of older people.
To raise funds for resources focussed on the older person
To assess how the elderly view their localities and how well they are able to access supports for their activities of daily living, and to advocate on their behalf with municipal governments/planners.
The campaign will consist of events, advocacy and surveys.


Policy/ Advocacy Project


Elderly Abuse and Abandonment

Time frame:

Sept 2017-May 2018


Simi George – [email protected]

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