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Blue Elephant Project-Mavi Fil Projesi

Blue Elephant Project aims to break small children’s fear from doctors and build trust and confidence within the relationship in between. To achieve this aim, a pilot kindergarden was selected to be visited by future doctors. To build better trust and show support, the relevant needs of the school were determined to be provided. The event plan was made to initiate with the introduction of doctors and continue with the presentation of basic human healthcare as appropriate to their age, getting verbal feedback afterwards making sure that they got over their fears. To conclude the event, predetermined needs of the school and presents were given. A warm atmosphere has been created, while seeing the smile on their faces,


1. Help children become familiar with doctors.
2. Make children understand that doctors do not do harm but good.
3. Give information on basic health and healthy lifestyle.
4. Give support by completing the missing educative items at the relevant school.


Yes we worked with the school administration and academic staff of the selected kindergarden to be visited.


Funding made by Deniz Plaza ( a local stationary/bookshop) for the educative items given.

Time frame:

14/12/2017-14/12/2017 (started and ended on the same day)


Zeliha Kocaismail, [email protected]



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