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What do you know about human rights

On world human rights day 2017, one of the most GREEN days of the calendar, SCORP Constantine attempted to solve an important problem; medical students are poor in their knowledge of human rights which are essential and complementary to their medical curriculum. In order to make the biggest impact possible, we dedicated that day to try and make a change and hopefully drive our students to become the most competent doctors. We started with a sensitization on ethics, patients’ rights and the basics of a healthy doctor-patient relationship. Afterwards, we held an event rich in presentations of human rights declarations and then debates on the most basic rights ‘right to live, children and refugees rights and healthcare’. And to call it a day we chose a very emotive workshop that reached deeper personal levels and taught these students that respect and protection of human rights is everyone’s responsibility .



– Medical students through our sensitization have to learn patients’s rights, their rights as doctors and some tips and rules on how to avoid violence in a hospital environment.
– University students attending our lecture and presentation about universal declaration of human rights have to learn the basic human rights, the 30 articles of the declaration and their fields of use.
– University students participating in a debate and their public have to learn the basic rules of debate, and learn new informations about the debate themes (Human rights, death sentance, refugees and children’s education).
– University students attending our lecture and presentation of several declarations and rights linked to the debate themes (Children’s rights, the right to live, refugees’ rights) learned new informations and notions about these rights.
– University studens attending our lecture and participating in an interactive workshop in which they shared stories about them respecting a right and violating another, have to learn that protection of human rights is everyone’s responsibility


Time frame: one day Dec 10th , 2017

Contact: Raouf Redjem, [email protected]

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