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Ma souffrance n’est pas drôle #Manich_Mahboul (My suffering is not funny #I’m_Not_Crazy)


NMO: LeSouk Algeria

– “Mahboul”, a term used in Algeria to describe mentally ill people, pejorative, mocking and most importantly DISCRIMINATIVE in all of its senses. It’s what inspired the name of the campaign “Manich Mahboul” (I’m not “Mahboul”) lead by SCORP Constantine, Algeria during April and May on mental illnesses and against discrimination based on mental health. After huge online campaigning and filming two short movies on schizophrenia and depression, we ended up by doing two huge sensitizations, two conferences and a workshop on child depression. And finally, the highlight was the opening of a support group for depressed students! A first in Algeria! It was about time to advocate for these people that are thrown out in the streets just because their condition is not always understood!


Sensitize the public in general about mental illnesses in general, and depression and schizophrenia in particular.

– Combating discrimination and stigma against mentally ill people.

– Instill respect and tolerance towards these people.

– Encourage people to consult psychologists and psychiatrists when in need.

– Sensitizing the public in general about human rights and mental health

– Creating support systems for mentally ill people through support groups.

– Sensitizing young student’s parents about childhood depression.

Timeframe: 17-04-2018 untill 30-05-2018

External: PROCLIM Business and Constantine’s local psychiatry


Mohamed El Amine YOUCEF ALI [email protected]


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