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Allimni (Teach me)

NMO: LeSouk Algeria

In the hope of ameliorating the daily life of the Algerian children, SCORP, by its project Alimni (Teach Me), assures them their right to education and their right to play. Alimni is organized in three parts: “Alimni in the Center”, which consists of giving support classes in a specialized adaptation center, “Alimni in hospitals”, by organizing educational and cultural sessions (music, drawing, theater) for hospitalized children and “Alimni in institutions”, where sensitizations on various topics are leaded. Through this humble initiative, we want to provide support, share our knowledge and convey the motivation needed for responsible and committed next generations.

Alimni, with its three parts, aims to :

  • Preserve the right to education by giving support classes to two categories of children : children attending a special education center suffering from several pathologies and social problems and to hospitalized children with health problems preventing them from attending their own schools.
  • Help children who have to pass final exams in the courses where they have some difficulties by giving fruitful explanations and helpful exercices. Maths, Arabic and French were chosen to be our sessions’ courses.
  • Preserve the right to play by make hospitalized children smile by providing them with cultural activities (drawing, manual activities, theater, music) that make them forget, if only for a moment, their suffering.
  • Have better future adults by sensitizing them in their schools on different social topics.
  • Encourage the contact between healthy people and sick people since they are as human as every single person.
  • Ameliorate the rate of attending high school levels.


Mohamed El Amine YOUCEF ALI [email protected]


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