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Cartas a Estudantes de Medicina (Letters for a Medical Student)


NMO: ANEM-Portugal

Cartas a Estudantes de Medicina (Letters for a Medical Student) is a project that consists of the writing of an anonymous letter from a patient admitted to a Health Institution, addressed to medical students. It is an activity that seeks to promote the awareness of students to the act of caring for the patient, thus promoting the humanization of health care. In addition, students are expected to take action within the community and actively collaborate with them in order to improve health care delivery.
This project enables us to hear the needs of the sick, his side of view about health care, true stories about his healthcare experience and the failures of doctor-patient communication, so, in our view, it is a wonderful opportunity to make a more warming and centered in the Human particularities Medicine, therefore Humanizing the Healthcare. This makes it possible, from a very early stage in the formation of a future doctor, to raise awareness of human rights in health and to promote a positive overall health outcome.

The main goal of this project is to sensitize students to the art of well-cared for and the needs of patients. In addition, the other goals are to increase the number of students involved in the community and to foster capacities to develop relational skills and to listen to the needs of others, in order to increase the humanization of health care.
Furthermore, our goals are to sensitize the community for the work developed for a more humanized medicine and that values the doctor-patient relationship, to train the medical students to practice medicine as humanely as possible and to enable contact with patients and the hospital environment from the first year of Medical School.


Vasyl Katerenchuk [email protected]


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