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La médecine, une synapse entre la science et l’humanité (Medicine, a synapse between science and humanity)

NMO: LeSouk Algeria

Our activity is basically an online campaign about human rights in medicine.
Our goal as scorpions is first and foremost to enhance students knowledge on human rights, that’s why we decided to make a campaign in which we are sharing everyday a videos or infographics that contains informations about human rights, the UN’s universal declaration and the application of human rights in medicine.
It is an national campaign made in all of LeSouk Algeria’s SCORP active LCs. We tried to make a video in a lot of cities of Algeria in which we asked medical students these three questions :
– What is a human rights ?
– What are the human rights that you know of ?
– How are human rights applicated in medicine ?
And after this video, the infographics we’re sharing contain the real answers to these three question !


  • Test medical students’ knowledge on human rights.
  • Enhance students knowledge on human rights.
  • Teach meducal students how to use and apply this knowledge on human rights in their professionnal life as future medical practitionners.
  • Celebrate World Human Rights Day 2018.


Mohamed El Amine YOUCEF ALI [email protected]


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