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NMO: LeSouk Algeria

Switch: is a simulation created by SCORP Constantine in Algeria which consists of putting the students in the shoes of someone who is discriminated and we have chosen to talk about the category of refugees and people with physical or sensory disabilities.

The project is a role-playing game with groups of 15 students living like refugees with all the obstacles they’re facing ,and all the suffering that they’re enduring of losing their home, their families, their friends, and the most importantly finding themselves making hard choices to stay safe and alive somewhere in this planet. There is also the simulation of Disabled persons’ life and those with reduced mobility, when the participants are putting in different situations where they are deprived of a member of their body and forced to do a simple daily activity.

The World Human Rights Day will be marked but also it will be a reminder for all those participants that the right of refugees, the right of people with disabilities must be respected every day because they have the same rights as any of us and we’re all humans and equals.


Meriem Djamaa [email protected]


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