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Awareness on Rights of Persons With Disabilities


This was the first step in our project on Persons with Disabilities. The aim was to evaluate the public’s knowledge on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities , so we would better streamline our project.

We shared questionnaires regarding the subject matter to over 100 persons at the Chale wote festival. The Chale wote festival is Ghana’s biggest street art festival with people from different walks of life attending.

We walked hand in hand with members of the Association of Students with Disabilities on our campus . We had insightful conversations with members of the public who personally knew Persons with Special Needs. The entire experience renewed our resolve to embark on our campaign. We even got contacts of potential volunteers.


  • Evaluate general public’s knowledge on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • Get pictures for our online campaign on the same topic.
  • Create publicity for our campaign.
  • Get the MSA more interested in SCORP


Rahmat Udousoro / Derrick Oppong [email protected]

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