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Focus Days

NMO: IFMSA-NL The Netherlands

Today’s world is full of information and one should not lag behind anyone as far as day to day General Awareness (GA) is concerned. One of the very common yet significant aspects of GA is the knowledge about important national and international days/events.

National or International, these days and events have a human and social purpose. They remind us about the collective human spirit; its struggles and triumphs; its failings and accomplishments and above all these celebrations give us strength to further fight for a better future for the humanity. Therefore, it’s important for everyone to remain aware about these days as a responsible citizen of this global village known as Earth. It is our mission as Scorpions to promote GA on related HR & Peace matter.

For each of the four selected Focus days (which inludes International Peace Day & International Human Rights day), we select a theme nationally that is connected to the actuality. We select a theme that we feel is important to create general awareness, that is a current issue in the Netherlands and where any common person can take simple steps to reduce or improve the situation.


  • Increase awareness in and outside SCORP (and IFMSA) on current HR and Peace related matters
  • Promote concrete actions and recommendations that can be undertaken by the general public
  • Increase harmony, cohesiveness and collaboration on common themes and actions among the cities that would allow SCORP NL to be more seen throughout the NL
  • Promote a national direction while allowing at the same time Local creativity and input
  • Promote Collaborations with other standing committees inside IFMSA-NL and external organizations


Anne Galaurchi[email protected]

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