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Focus Areas and Priorities

Focus Areas

The Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace (SCORP)' worldwide activities, internal and external efforts cover a wide range of focus areas and fields of work. All in line with the two core concepts of SCORP; human rights and peace.

Human rights: we primarily refer to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948 when we talk about human rights without further specification, however, sometimes other international covenants and treaties are also mentioned.

Peace: SCORP understands peace as both the absence of conflict (negative peace) and the presence of equality and harmony (positive peace).


Through these 2 core concepts, we can divide our focus areas into the following:

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Global Priorities

The Global Priorities are a group of focus areas and overarching concepts in which the internal and external work in IFMSA Standing Committees will be focused on, which will help us to have a streamlined and a strategic approach towards our deliveries on a global level, and act as a guidance to ease up our daily collaboration between the different working groups in IFMSA.

Each year, the global priorities are proposed and voted upon during the August Meeting for the upcoming term. And for the term 2019/2020, SCORP has adopted 3 Global Priorities:

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Human Rights, Democracy and The rule of Law: this prioritiy focuses on the construction of Democracy and how true governance puts all stakeholders under the rule of law than under a ruler. Medical students needs this priority in order to understand the poltical background and context in which they are providing healthcare

Humanitarian action and Peacebuilding: today's world faces a wide range of humanitarian crises of various types. It is important to provide future health physicians with the basics of humanitarian response and relief efforts, and the updated guidelines and frameworks for disaster risk reduction and emergency medicine.

Migration: More people are on the move now than ever before. There are an estimated 1 billion migrants in the world today, of which approximately 258 million people are international, and 763 million internal migrants .People on the move must have all their rights protected and fulfilled and their access to social and health services must be ensured.


If you want to now more about the SCORP Global Priorities, our internal and external goals, click here for infographics!