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International Training on Disaster Medicine

The International Training on Disaster Medicine Workshop (ITDM) is an international training on disaster medicine created by the Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace (SCORP) of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) in collaboration with CRIMEDIM. CRIMEDIM is a university-wide academic center that conducts research, education and training in the field of disaster medicine and humanitarian health. The center is committed to promote innovative research projects and to foster learning and training programs using state of the art technologies to enhance the resilience of health systems in emergency, disaster and humanitarian crisis.


An ITDM Workshop is organized by an Organizing Committee of a National Member Organization (NMO) of IFMSA, whether in an international or regional meeting of the Federation, or as part of a national event of a NMO. It aims to provide medical students with knowledge on disaster medicine and a platform to discuss their perception on this field, in order to empower them to do actions on disaster medicine and humanitarian actions in their communities through IFMSA Program on Emergency, Disaster Risk management and Humanitarian Actions. And this, through a wide range of sessions from disaster management, to public health systems in emergencies and the clutter system, to psychological first aid.... ect

If you're interested in hosting an ITDM in your own NMO, you can learn more about it through these regulations! If you're already planning to host an ITDM and you need some extra promotion it, kindly fill in this form and we'll add it to the SCORP Events guide! 

If you're interested in participating in an ITDM, check out the SCORP Events guide and see if any ITDM is hapenning near you!