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IFMSA | SCORP Newsletter #8 – September 2018

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A message from the SCORP International Team

Dear SCORPions,
We are excited and proud to present you the last SCORP Newsletter of the term 2017-2018.

We have done a lot of amazing stuff together in the past months, as well as the whole term and now our time has come to an end. It was more than an honor to serve you as your SCORP International Team . 

We faced many hardships through our time but your passion and dedication inspired us to tackle every obstacle we faced. Thanks to you, we witnessed how amazing things can happen when we all stand together.

We learned a lot from you and we are thankful for every moment we got the chance to work with and for you.

And right now, here we are beginning a new chapter in SCORP. A chapter where SCORP will be stronger and more visible than ever. A chapter where our Standing Committee will continue to grow on what you have created this term.

In this newsletter, here we are covering another quarter of the year full of many amazing things that have happened, all thanks to you.

Thank you for everything, we will always love you.

Hope you enjoy!

SCORP “Green Dream Team” IT 2017-2018

Ugonna, Majko, Hiba, İdil, Jose, Mennah, Lizz, Jan, Natalia, Maha


Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21st of September. It is a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and people.

The theme for the International Day of Peace in 2018 is “The Right to Peace – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70”, celebrating Sustainable Development Goal 16 “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” for promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

As the Standing Committee of Human Rights and Peace, we understand that peace is not just the absence of conflict nor a passive process. We understand that peace is the presence of equality, justice, freedom, sustainability and human rights. We understand that peace is not just a state to protect but something we have to actively participate to sustain. Peace is not a side not to our work as SCORP, It is everything we try to achieve.

Therefore, we wanted to conduct a International Day of Peace Campaign revolving around these theme, and we wanted to combine our campaign with an end of the term event to celebrate one year filled with passionate work on peace building and human rights.

#RightToPeace Video Campaign

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21st of September. It is a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and people.

The theme for the International Day of Peace in 2018 is “The Right to Peace – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70”. Because of this we asked our members from all over the world to share what does #TheRightToPeace means to them. Here is what they’ve said…

International Day of Peace 2018 SWG

Can we imagine a major campaign like the International Day of Peace without a SWG consisted of dedicated members? Of course not, especially since member involvement matters to us. Here is the IDP 2018 SWG who created this campaign, coordinated by the SCORP General Assistant with the help of the SCORP IT:

Jhan Carla Laime Aranda IFMSA Bolivia
Muhsin Öznaneci TurkMSIC-Turkey
Batara Bisuk Silalahi CIMSA-ISMKI Indonesia
Sally Mohammed SfGH UK
Shahd Rasheed MedSIN Sudan
Mahmood Al-Hamody IFMSA-Egypt

International Day of Peace 2018 Map

This year our map features many activities conducted for International Day of Peace 2018 and conducted in the past. You can access the map here:

Special thanks to every SCORPion for submitting their activities <3

The Right To Peace Facebook Event
How can you participate?

Share you activities on International Day of Peace! Share photos and short texts about the activities you conduct locally, nationally, internationally. Make sure to use the hashtag #Active4Peace

Participate in online activities by our SWG! In the following days our SWG members will post fun activities/questions for you to participate. Make sure to stay tune for that

Like/Comment/Share… Engage! We will be sharing the materials we created for you such as our infographics but also the submissions for articles, the SCORP Newsletter, videos and many more amazing stuff. So make sure to comment your opinions, questions, reactions and share as much as you can.

Share what on your mind… or heart This event it for all of us and It doesn’t just celebrate one day, It celebrates a whole year. So share what’s on your heart with us. What was the best thing that happened to you this year? What was your proudest moment? What is the one thing you’ll take with you? Express yourself!

And let us know if you have any questions 🙂

Check it out here:
2018  is the 70th year since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. For this occasion, we gave place to the drawing of Eleanor Roosevelt holding the UDHR in our profile picture frame. International day of Peace may be over but you can still support our message by changing your picture:

Upcoming SRTs

TNHRT Guatemala 2018

In IFMSA Guatemala we strongly believe that Universal Health Coverage can become a reality in our world if the new generation of medical practitioners is taught in bringing a quality healthcare to people. That’s the main reason we are motivated to host our SRT, under the slogan “Health for everyone, everywhere”. We cannot think about achieving Universal Health Coverage without considering that all humans, regardless of any individual characteristic, are equal in the right of accessing to dignified health care. And this is why SCORP Guatemala invites you to our TNHRT, to understand the importance of the Right to Health as a basis for achieving prosperity and Universal Health Coverage. See you soon!
Invitation Package:



In the Pre-AM 2018 we had the Healthcare in Danger Workshop as SCORP. The workshop aimed to address and tackle the safety issues faced by healthcare services, especially in humanitarian settings and conflict. Supported by the ICRC, had a 3 days long advanced training raised awareness of the participants and capacitated them to take future action. Special thanks to our trainers Hiba Ghandour,  Leen Makki and Majko Sedlak, and all our participants


In the past month, we had an amazing experience at the IFMSA August Meeting SCORP Sessions 2018. Many SCORPions came and joined us and many SCORPions joined us from right where they are through our social media channels and live streams. One way or another It was a pleasure to be there with you 🙂

Here are some few highlights:

We had a week filled with SCORP Sessions in all levels, Regional Sessions tackling regional issues and  many amazing joint sessions for members from different Standing Committees to come together!
This GA was also a host to very intense debates:

“Nuclear weapons don’t distinguish children from soldier. War is war but it still has rules, nuclear weapons break all those rules. They only do harm, they only destroy.”

– Sam Slattery, SFGH UK
On behalf of the “against” debate team

For more thought-provoking statements, check out our small segment:  


I don’t have enough words to express how awesome it was to see all those activities all around the world, luckily I don’t need any more words because we have the whole thing recorded instead!
Watch the whole SCORP Fair through this link:

After the fun was over, we were back at work for the SCORP Plenaries. Deciding on the future of our Standing Committee, together!

Saying goodbye to the buddy groups is the hardest!

In the end, we had a week filled with learning and advocacy both on sessions and off session;) It was hard to say good-bye..

But there aren’t actually good-byes, only “see you later”s ! <3

The past months of SCORP


In the end of August, our biggest human rights capacity building event SCORP Camp took place in Czech Republic. It was a fruitful and impactful event with many comprehensive and familiar  workshops such as TNT, TNHRT  and the ITDM but also new workshops Advanced Training in Human Rights: Gender-Based Violence and Children Health and Rights. The theme of our camp was also gender based violence and in our theme event we had a special speaker from “Bily kruh bezpeci an organization for domestic violence survivors.

You can also read about the experiences of our participants:

Dalia Zineb Rebbah, ITDM Participant

Hello from Constantine 
My name is Dalia Zineb Rebbah I’m a scorpion from LeSouk Algeria and I attended the SCORP Camp 2018 in Czech Republic as well as the post-camp and the least I can say is, an amazing experience, great people and a wonderful country.
I attended ITDM with high expectations, and YES the trainers (whom i would like to thank once more for the amazing work they did) , the sessions and the camp’s atmosphere lived up to my expectations and more ! Looking back to it now makes me realize how unique every day was, and I appreciate more and more the chance I had to attend an event that provided such a high quality, professional and fun workshops, an event far from ordinary, an event that memories with a special place in my heart will always be related to ♡ .
SCORP Camp 2018 may be a past event but the diverse international made bonds and friendships, the eye-opening experiences and how they touched me personally and as a scorpion are part of my present and surely will be of my future.

But really, what to expect from a camp that gathered the world in a beautiful green country for a pure humanitarian goal ! …… EPIC

Yoshita Dayaramani, Gender-Based Violence Workshop Participant
Some events are capable of influencing you to lengths where you’re able to see a clear divide in certain aspects of your life as before and after. SCORP Camp 2018 was one such event for me. Any non-participant would re-think on this and assume it to be an overly exaggerated form of writing. Well I reassert, I actually mean it, and here I am sharing my experience. It all started the morning I reached Czech. Exhausted by gallivanting for the past month and a half with an utterly disturbed circadian cycle, I was sure I would need a day or two to adapt to the schedule of the camp. To my surprise when I landed in Prague, there was a distinct energy that just lifted my spirits. Maybe it was the excitement of being a part of a group where people of different nationalities and culture were coming together to learn about one common subject we all felt strongly about – Human Rights.

I was attending the workshop on gender-based violence at the camp. Being the first of its kind, we all had varied expectations from the workshop. And I believe it did not only surpass all our expectations but also helped us grow as individuals; all through of the quality of content delivered and the many thought-provoking activities. Kudos to our dynamic trainers – Ugonna, İdil, Juliette and Nupoor – for designing such sessions and covering various aspects of GBV in a manner that was relatable and understandable by all of us and creating a safe space where we could openly share our opinions and experiences, worries and concerns. We were so involved in the workshop that now when I reflect, receiving continuous and vast knowledge on the topic didn’t feel tiresome at all at any point. Those five days were so empowering; it gave me immense faith in myself and a much-needed confidence boost.

Besides all the learning, it was the formation of beautiful bonds with so many people that made my experience so unique. They were kind and accepting, fun and energetic – the entire vibe at the camp was as positive as it could get. And I’m very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of it.

Asia Pacific Regional Meeting SCORP Sessions

SCORPions from the Asia-Pacific Region have met in Seoul for the Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting. Special thanks to our Regional Assistant for Asia-Pacific Maha Rehman and her Sessions Team Zinnat Sultana Ishita, Hung Wei Pin, Cloe Jeongeung Har and Jasmine Tan and of course all of our SCORPions for this amazing meeting <3



Having participated in GoSCORP Romania 2017, the energy and passion of the SCORP family has driven us to bring out our own version of GoSCORP. Characteristics of our GoSCORP project are diverse, creative academic programs and solid, interactive volunteering programs. Through GoSCORP, we are eager to share with the world the essence of medical education in Taiwan, including the principle of hands-on learning, humanitarian care, teamwork spirit, and diversity in the academic field. Holding such big event can also be a great opportunity for local students to learn activity organizing.

During the two weeks of GoSCORP Taiwan, we provided academic training and background information that will enable our participants to fulfill their roles as learners and practitioners. We also designed a framework for the volunteering program, while our objective is to match our participants from the needs to the goals. Nevertheless, we also created opportunities for people to experience Taiwanese culture anytime, anywhere and we captured the surprise and happiness of them by our cameras, in order to leave them with nothing but great memories.

Someone once told me that it’s a small world. I didn’t believe at first because…….come on! The world is huge and each and every culture is unique in its own way. But after GoSCORP, I realize that two weeks are enough to bring strangers close to family. Thanks to the OCs and CPs, my lovely team, for so much hard work they’ve put into this program; without them, there is no me nor GoSCORP. Thanks to the kids and school faculties we encountered throughout the way, you all have been so helpful and adorable. Thanks to our fabulous participants, you guys are funny and brilliant, and I hope your trip to Taiwan will always be an unforgettable memory to you. Last but not least, thank you all for participating in this incredible journey with us this summer. We love you all and sincerely hope that we cross paths in the future.

On behalf of the GoSCORP Organizing Committee,



GoSCORP Jordan

A human rights & peace exchange program? Revolved around refugees? Field trips to refugee camps? Unique sessions? International opportunities and workshops? All in 3 weeks?

It sounds a bit of an insane package once you read it the first time, but that’s actually was GoSCORP-Jo provided this year, as IFMSA-Jo hosted its’ first ever GoSCORP exchange program, themed around “Refugees!”

For 21 days, GoSCORP-Jo’s incomings from all over the world have had the unique opportunity of diving deep into the world of refugees in multiple ways!


The first week of GoSCORP-Jo was a bit of a warm up, as the incomings went through sessions on communication skills with refugees, emotional intelligence when it comes to communicating with refugees, and the rights of refugees in general, including women’s & child’s rights.

The sessions were conducted in collaboration with representatives from the Common Bond Institute.


For the second week, the incomings and OC went to multiple rehabilitation and protection centers for women in Amman, Jordan, in collaboration with the a nationally known NGO called Mizan (Arabic for “Scale”, to resemble Justice.), the Ministry of Health, & The Jordanian Government. The visits aimed to introduce the incomings to the efforts the Government and the Ministries have done over the last couple of decades to protect women all over Jordan from all sorts of abuse, and to help them regain their strength and their lives together, and provide protection for them in case of danger.


The incomings, alongside participants from IFMSA-Jo, went through a major milestone in the program, as they participated in a 4-days internationally certified Training Human Rights & Peace workshop, the first internationally certified TNHRT workshop in Jordan in 4 years! The workshop discussed multiple topics, including, but not limited to, Human Rights 101, Right to Health, Child’s Rights, Mental Health, Disaster Medicine, Gender-Based Violence, Women Empowerment, and the list goes on!


The third week was headlined by visits to the biggest refugee camps in Jordan, which included a medical day at The Gaza Refugees Camp, located in Jarash, Jordan, and an official visit to the Zaatari Camp itself, in collaboration with the UNHCR, to get to know the up-to-date medical and general facilities that are provided in the camp by the Jordanian Government, and the collaborating/donating countries, such as Morocco, Lebanon, Japan, to name a few!


And, if you know us at IFMSA-Jo and SCORP, you know that we love to include our own green touch of fun into our events/programs/basically whatever we do… So, naturally speaking, we included some wonderful social events and programs to make this already unforgettable program MORE UNFORGETTABLE, including a hiking trip, a Dead Sea trip, a trip to the famous Roman Amphitheater to attend a Faya Younan concert (Arguably one of the greatest modern Arab vocalist in the Middle East right now!), a trip to the ancient city of Mosaics, “Madaba”, and a golden triangle program to Wadi Rum, and Al Aqaba!


And, so, a wonderful, great GoSCORP is officially written in the history books of SCORP!

On behalf of the wonderful Organizing Committee that worked endlessly preparing for 3 weeks of green vibes, the Jordanian SCORPions, the wonderful SCORP IT, and IFMSA-Jo, we would like to thank all the SCORPions worldwide for tuning in to our program, and for the endless, green-vibed support and love that you’ve shown to the program, from start to finish, whether with words, actions, messages, advises, assistance, or even love reacts! They all count, and we appreciate you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Here’s to another green program, to meet more SCORPions worldwide, and to making the hope of SCORP becoming the true green light in the darkness a reality!

Until then… Keep it real! Keep it green!


-Yours truly, on behalf of the great Organizing Committee of GoSCORP-Jo

Ali M. Khafaja.

Proud National Officer on human Rights & Peace of IFMSA-Jo for the term of 2017-2018.

The activity of the month

Advocacy and lobbying
By SCORP-Burundi

In last three months, we have empowered our team of scorpions to some subjects that we used in our everyday activities. It’s “Advocacy and lobbying”, The activity took place at Kamenge Campus from 8 a.m to 12 a.m . Find attached the photos of the event. #ABEM #SCORP-Burundi

Human Rights Awareness Campaign



Cartas a Estudantes de Medicina (Letters for a Medical Student)

ANEM – Portugal

Cartas a Estudantes de Medicina (Letters for a Medical Student) is a project that consists of the writing of an anonymous letter from a patient admitted to a Health Institution, addressed to medical students. It is an activity that seeks to promote the awareness of students to the act of caring for the patient, thus promoting the humanization of health care. In addition, students are expected to take action within the community and actively collaborate with them in order to improve health care delivery.
This project enables us to hear the needs of the sick, his side of view about health care, true stories about his healthcare experience and the failures of doctor-patient communication, so, in our view, it is a wonderful opportunity to make a more warming and centered in the Human particularities Medicine, therefore Humanizing the Healthcare. This makes it possible, from a very early stage in the formation of a future doctor, to raise awareness of human rights in health and to promote a positive overall health outcome.

From the SCORPions

By Urtė Lisaitė, LiMSA

This summer I was lucky to participate in Erasmus+ project “FemPower” and meet one of the most inspiring people, Yvonne Mosquito, Lord Mayor of Birmingham.  I was stunned by the passion and light in her eyes when she was talking about tackling the discrimination. By sharing her personal life story she made it crystal clear that no matter what gender, race, ethnicity or religion you are, if you are determined enough, you can achieve anything. Nevertheless, she highlighted that each of us had a responsibility to make equal opportunities for everyone status quo and not the thing someone should fight for in our society.

This is the link of one of the videos about gender discrimination that we made ourselves during the project:

Once Upon a SCORPion

Heroes rise, heroes fall, rise again; win it all. But, I’m no ordinary hero. I’m better, I’m a SCORPion. I joined SCORP in my first year, when I knew my LORP for the first time. Since then, I saw her as my Idol for many reasons, and for that, I decided I want to be awesome like her. I started my SCORP career as a local coordinator assistant for the blood donation campaign, then the LORP assistant for that year and I participated in every SCORP activity. Additionally, I was active in IFMSA-Egypt. That was my rise. By the time of the elections, I wasn’t the best person for the place; so, I didn’t qualify. That was my fall. For the story to go on, I had to rise again, and that what happened. I rose from my ashes, became the local coordinator for Child Abuse Prevention project and extra active, held many tasks within IFMSA-Egypt, and got the chance to be a member of ‘World Refugees Day’ International SWG. So, the only thing left was to win it all, right?! I applied to be the beacon of peace in my LC, succeeding my processors. It was the crowning for the year, but the journey is only starting.

Ahmed M. Saleh


Last but not least…

From our Facebook Group, By Kinsi Ahmed

Dear SCORPions

[#WithRefugees][Turn The Tide]UNHCR Annual Education Report

When we talk about peace we talk about human rights. The right to health, food, shelter, free speech….. …education. And although peace is necessary for everyone, there is one special group of people whose needs are more urgent, refugees.

We always discuss the general human rights violations that refugees go through, but have you ever thought what are the actual situations that refugees face while trying access sustainable quality education? Well whether if you did or not this resource is just for you, we present you UNHCR’s annual on refugees’ education: Turn The Tide.

Tips and Opportunities: SCORP Platforms(as a classic)

SCORP Activities Database

A lot of amazing activities are being conducted by SCORPions all over the world. And we have the SCORP Activities Database, a platform that provides open access of these activities to all SCORPions. But It’s not just that, It also gives you the opportunity to share your activity to the thousands of SCORPions. 

You can access it here:, in the tab “Activities Database”.

The image you see on the right is the SCORP Activities Database half-term report. You can also access it through the website above.

Thank you for everything!















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