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The SCORPions’ Blog

The SCORPion's Blog is an extension of the SCORP Newsletter, which is a monthly publication that was created in order to provide the SCORPions with a platform to share their ideas and express themselves, and to promote their local/national work on an international level.


Contribute to the SCORPions' Blog

For every edition, we will be receiving contributions throughout the corresponding month, in order to publish the blog by the end of it. Here is what you can submit:

  • Articles under the theme topic: a theme topic is defined for each edition, it is usually related to the global events that were happening during that same period.
  • Activities: by either submitting it to the SCORP Activities Database and choosing the option of having in the newsletter in the form, or by writing a separate blog about it and sending it when the call is open
  • Opportunities: by submitting them to the SCORP Events guide and choosing to have them in the SCORP Newsletter.
  • Experiences & Achievements: you can write about any experience you had! A training session, a workshop, an online course… Basically anything!
  • Humans of SCORP: in the term 2019/2020, we decided to have our traditional activity “Humans of SCORP” included in the SCORP Newsletter. You can nominate an amazing SCORPion or send your own story.
  • Opinions and creativity: if your submission doesn't fit into the categories mentioned above. Don’t worry! You can still send it as long as it’s SCORP related and fits into the word limit.