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World Refugee Day 2020

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World Refugee Day (WRD) is celebrated annually on June the 20th. Since the year of 2020, this day has become a global celebration, not only to commemorate and honor the courage, strength and determination of the people that have been forced to flee their homelands under arduous threats of persecution and conflict, but to also draw the public’s attention and raise awareness on the situation of these refugees, the human rights violations they face along the way, and the challenges and hardships they encounter when trying to integrate their new societies.

Today, the refugee crisis has reached historical heights in numbers everywhere across the world. According to the UNHCR, as of January 2019, 70.8 million have been forcibly displaced worldwide, which make them at risk of losing their right to health, to education, and many more basic Human Rights. And with the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is now crucial to look at the vulnerable populations more than anyone else, as they are the most affected by health inequities and the non-access to healthcare services.

We believe that World Refugee Day 2020 would be the perfect opportunity to advocate for a Health for All. And that, by drawing attention to migrants and refugees’ rights and health through a campaign that will be properly planned and prepared by a SWG, to also give our members  a chance and a platform to participate in the international work of the IFMSA and to increase their engagement in our plans of advocacy and action.

About SCORP and World Refugee Day

We in SCORP, have been celebrating World Refugee Day since 2013 through an annual campaign that is prepared by a SWG, and this year won't be any different!

For World Refugee Day 2020, we are aiming to make all about celebrating our members, our members that currently are or have been refugees themselves. And that, through creating a new platform for them to share their experiences, and by conducting an evidence-based research on the inclusion of Migrants and Refugees in medical education systems. Find out more about this year's campaign by reading World Refugee Day 2020 Concept Note.